Men at Sound is a place where exceptional music recordings are created. Whether it is recording, mixing or the production itself, using state-of-the-art technical equipment and many years of experience, we can take your music project to a higher level.


We record music directly to digital format using the top-notch audio converters.


For the mixing of recordings we use renowned 24-tracks analog console Solid State Logic.


The final sound of recordings we achieve with careful mastering.

Recording, music production and sound engineering have been the primary areas of interest at Men at Sound since its founding in 2012. We also use the experience gained from acting as active musicians in bands of various genres.


We use contemporary technology for recording, creating and editing sound. Using this top-notch equipment, a sense for production and skills gained from many years of experience, we can give any recording a special character.

Studio equipment

Our recordings


AutumnistBlue SundownBulpDSZ VážkyGabriel KainGenuine JacksJelly BellyKarol MiklošLeminaneMartin KubečkaNina KohoutováNylon UnionRandom ChoicesRevolvedSaténové rukySlowlickStoners of ApocalypseTake ShelterThe Cultural StudiesXavier BaumaxaYoucoco