Vlado Ďurajka


Generally I’m not overly fond of recording studios. I can’t work or properly focus when in one. However, Men at Sound is a completely different story. Its informal, almost club-like atmosphere allows me to also create, not only to record and be gone.

Men at Sound was the first studio I ever recorded in and it still remains the best and the most pleasant one too. For me the ambience of the place is the key factor when recording, the feeling I get from the people and the surroundings has crucial effect on my performance, and that’s what makes this studio so special. The evenings here are always not only extremely productive but also a lot of fun. At Men at Sound they’re always willing to listen to any request I might have which leads to me being completely satisfied with the final sound.

Men at Sound is not just a superbly equipped and run recording studio. It’s also a physical manifestation of its legendary proprietor’s Mates’s inner world. From the moment you enter the anteroom decorated with vintage posters, leather sofas and a full size bar, up to the last ‘…and cut!’, you know that your every musical idea is going to be realised not only exactly as you hear it in your head, but often taken beyond the far most limits of your imagination.

Samo Štefanec


In my view, Men at Sound is a unique recording studio thanks to its authentic creative atmosphere. This goes for the space itself as well as for the people who work here. High-end equipment and professional attitude towards production and mixing go without saying, but thanks to Mates, the final results always possess very distinct character because he seems to perfectly understand which direction particular track needs to go and helps it to get there.

Braňo Bezák

Saténové ruky

For me, the work ethics of Matus at Men At Sound is best summed up by the way he recorded acoustic guitars for the track Fuzy from our first album Bozkavam. We enjoyed plucking our guitars and lounging in the anteroom at the table covered with drinks so much that we weren’t able to transition into the live room. Matus’s solution was to set up the mikes where we were and record the guitars there and then. The sound of that space gave them unique, authentic sound that we wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. This is the proof that at Man At Sound they’ll do anything to get the right sound as well as make the artist feel completely comfortable.

Marek 'Kasko' Babušiak

Saténové ruky

Trencin’s Men At Sound studio is a fantastic place where I always feel at home.


Radio_Head Awards 2018
Album of the Year

Autumnist – False Beacon

Radio_Head Awards 2017
Album of the Year (Electronic)

Bulp – Yrsa

Radio_Head Awards 2009
Album of the Year

Autumnist – The Autumnist